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It all began with a simple gesture of Gisella inviting me to a event of Financial growth (I don’t remember what’s it’s called) how I can improve my finances and how I can improve! I said yes to her invitation and I went to this event, that is where I met Uyen! Uyen, was a breathe of fresh air, so relatable and enthusiastic about learning and meeting new people! I saw her and I thought I want to have her energy and enthusiasm. She is sweet and kind and so funny! She wants the best for people and we connected immediately. She explained that she would come to my house with Gisella. It felt like two girlfriends wanted to come over and hang out with my family and I. I was excited but also a little nervous because they wanted to come and speak about finances. So the day came and it was more than a surprise to me! They entered our home with comfort and familiarity, there was never a time I felt uncomfortable or intimidated. They presented the financial education with such ease and serenity. They never pressured us to make a decision we were not comfortable with most importantly did not understand. I felt like I was back in school, these two confident, sweet women guided and educated my husband and I on finances. We found ways to save and found clarity on what we never thought was possible and most importantly we were supported all the way. They are our cheerleaders! If we win, they win is what the repeated to us throughout our time together. They genuinely care about our family and our personal growth! I am thankful for both of them and they have become wonderful friends and teachers of mine! I couldnt believe how one yes, has turned into many yesses in my life! So grateful for both of them!” ~Kathy A.

“I have friends that are top advisors at Merrill Lynch and I’ve asked them for help many times, but they never told me any of this and never taught me what you did. I seriously wish I met you 14 years ago. Thank you for all you’ve done for our family.” ~Adalberto O.

“We were losing sleep over what could happen to our retirement. Scared of 2008 happening again. After getting Uyen’s help, we finally feel safe and secure. Thank you for everything you have done for us.” ~Paul D.

“After all these years, you’ve given me confidence. For the first time, I’m confident about my finances. Thank you for being so patient and for helping me.” ~Van V.

My story began when I was around 30 yrs old I decided to get a real life insurance policy (not just what your company gives you) and at the time, the agent put me in a termed plan and didn’t explain anything to me. Fast forward 10 Years, my insurance policy was expiring and my monthly premiums were increasing every year. Forward another 5 yrs to today, I was shocked at how much I was paying for life insurance and was contemplating on canceling all together because I could not afford it or afford the yearly premium increases. I was scared, worried and felt lost because I didn’t know what other options there were for me. I’m now a single mom, supporting and raising my son on my own. Scared that if something happened to me, if I became disabled how would I support myself and my son or worse off – if something happened to me, I wouldn’t be able to leave my son with any financial support.
Uyen took the time to sit down with me, to learn about my needs, goals and future and explained all the different options I could go with – I didn’t have to give up! Because of your passion to help teach, guide and share your knowledge with others (especially moms like me) I truly understand how I’m covered and how my policy (money) is working for me. Because of you, I now how a better life insurance policy (increased by a few 100k) that will last 30 years, you helped to decrease my monthly premium that I was paying out… Oh and the BEST PART… now has Living Benefits!!! The process was super easy, I appreciate you doing all the paperwork – it just made it that much more easier of a transition. I can’t thank you enough, with your help I can now feel safe & secure about the unknown future! I will tell all my friends and family that Uyen truly has the best heart and interest in helping as many people and families that she can! Thank you for looking out for me.”
~Heather K.