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Catch me live every Wednesday at 11AM PST on Speak Up and Empower! The Win-Win Real Talk will be an honest place where REAL and raw personal stories and insight will be shared to debunk myths, break down fears and the BS (Belief Systems) to promote growth and bring light to THE TRUTHS in financial education, personal and professional development, entrepreneurship and wellness. The goal is to help more people take more control of their lives, their time, their mindset, their health and their wealth by bringing awareness to the good AND the bad and making it all good: REAL Win-Wins. May my unscripted transparency and imperfections inspire more growth and authenticity in us all to LIVE in ALL we are. May you log on feeling connected and log off feeling empowered.

My name is Win Win and this is my journey of growth. Follow my evolution as I fulfill my soul contract of creating musical wealth. Why not learn through music? As a happily divorced mom of 4, who has started over professionally as a Financial Strategist while starting over personally as a 37-y/o single mama, I’m finding my voice again, embracing imperfections, and singing away my fears. May my words, true stories, facts, musical covers and parodies move you with (W)inspiration, perspective, personal growth, financial and entrepreneurial empowerment. Welcome to this movement of musical wealth. Click here for the Musical Wealth podcast trailer.