I lost my dad 6 years ago and that moment revealed financial secrets that I now empower so many families with. Something I thought was scary to talk about and seemed scammy even, ended up being the most strong and sexy financial solution that my family and I own and of all things: it’s life insurance. Not the unsexy, boring kind where you have to die on time. We’re talking BYOB: BUILD YOUR OWN BANK™. 

My name is Uyen Nguyen and I’m all about creating financial Win-Wins for families. 

In 1996, my dad protected our family with a life insurance policy which saved my mom in more ways than one, leaving us with $100,000 tax-free cash money. Not a lot to most, but for my refugee parents who escaped from Vietnam on a boat it was everything. 

Know what’s even sexier than a tax-free death benefit? Living benefits. [Life insurance is for the living, too.] Imagine accessing the death benefit while you’re alive. Imagine building wealth in a life insurance policy that’s tax-free. Pretty sexy, huh?

As a single mom, I got financial peace of mind knowing that my 4 children are protected and 

Knowing that I’m invested in a supercharged savings account on steroids, [money working really hard for me and my family].

But before involving other families, I wanted to be extra sure And what I learned was shocking. Did you know that the core measure of a bank’s strength is in how much life insurance it owns. 

So own your legacy, build your bank, and nix the middle man. Let me do for you and your family what the bank does with your money by designing a life insurance policy that builds you tax-free, risk-free wealth. So you are the founder of your own family bank. 

When families say:

“I love the way you teach.”

“I wish I met you 14 years ago.”

“I now have confidence.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without you.” 

“My whole family is taken care of because of you.”

I know this is the difference I know I was born to make. 

Here’s the Win-Win difference: 

Free REAL financial education not taught in business school–I know this first hand, and a free financial plan for all. 

No quotas and no compromise. With access to over 100 top financial companies, I strategically position families for the greatest financial success where these businesses fight for your business so that you and your family ALWAYS WIN BIG with me. I’m like the Amazon of financial services and solutions in one.

It’s a real win-win… A Financial Win-Win for all families.

Much Love & Financial Wins,

Uyen Nguyen AKA Win Win

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