Getting Ripped Off like Rotisserie Chicken?

Already have life insurance? That’s a great start. Mama is truly proud of you for being real about life and protecting your loved ones. So you’re covered, but until when? What do you even have, and when was the last time you got your life insurance policy reviewed? Chances are that you’ve never. Why not? Because it’s not a service that’s really offered until now—with me! (You and your family can thank me later for rip-off-proofing your policy for free–potentially saving your life and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.) It’s no joke.

For now, let’s just blame it on the late night infomercials of the ‘90s and Ron Popeil who got you like “Set it, and forget it!”  Problem with that is life insurance ain’t no rotisserie chicken, and even if it was, not all rotisserie chickens are the same!  They all vary in size, juiciness and flavor, freshness, and price! (Shout out to all my fellow Costco members.) Truth is: some are just better than others.

With thousands of life insurance providers out there, chances are, you very well could be getting ripped off. Could you be paying way more for what you have than you really should?  Unfortunately, yes, and you probably are.

In general, as new financial solutions emerge and hit the marketplace, staying competitive and attractive to consumers means increasing the benefits while lowering the costs.  So if your life insurance policy has been on “set it, and forget it!” mode over the last years, months, weeks or days even, that “rotisserie chicken” might not be the right size and flavor for you. It could also very well be overpriced and stale (nearing its expiration and/or under performing). Can it be juicier with living benefits that give you added protection with acceleration of (access to) the death benefit and tax-sheltered savings while you’re alive? Yes, it sure can. In fact, they sure should!

What if you are getting ripped off? How could a free review help you? Here are a few real client examples:

For just $4 more per month, she got $50,000 more in tax-free life insurance benefits, 5 additional years of coverage, and living benefits, such as access to her $250,000 death benefit if a terminal, critical, or chronic illness strikes.

His life insurance policy was from a B-rated provider and the cap (maximum) interest rate on his cash value was 1%, whereas I replaced his policy with an A-rated provider and the cash value’s interest rate cap is now 11 times better than it was at 11%!

Her life insurance policy was from a BBB- rated provider and her cash value’s interest rate cap was 1.5%, whereas I replaced her policy with an A-rated provider and $6,000 monthly access to the death benefit for Long-term care needs. Not to mention, a cash value interest rate cap of 15%. That’s 10 times more potential growth in tax-sheltered wealth than she had with her old policy!

His life insurance policy had a Long-term Care (LTC) insurance rider with access to the death benefit, so long as he is unable to perform 3 out of 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), i.e. bathing, dressing, transferring, continence, toileting, and eating. When on claim, his LTC benefit will be on a medical reimbursement basis. Meaning, medical expenses would be reimbursed with submission and approval of receipts. I replaced his policy with a superior LTC insurance rider, qualifying on 2 out of the 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), versus 3 out of 6 on his old policy. Moreover, the new and improved LTC rider is on a cash-indemnity; therefore, a monthly check of $5,000 in LTC benefits would be made out to the policy owner (like cash money) to cover both medical and non-medical expenses like his mortgage/rent, kids’ childcare, food–whatever he needs during his time on claim. Better yet, whatever the fuck he wants at that point so he can live it up and go all out at Costco for all the perfectly golden rotisserie chicken he can eat, magnum bottles of pinot noir, and Costco-sized bottles of Jameson, Grey Goose and Patron.

As you can see, I’m dead serious and I’m no chicken about checking that “chicken” to get you the most for your money. It could mean a difference of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to 11 times more tax-free money and tax-sheltered wealth. I’d love a chance to top that (with the perfect golden brown).

Simply send me a copy of your policy, and I’ll do all the work and investigation for you. It’s as easy as “Set it, and forget it!” but even better! I’m like your very own “Flo” with Progressive (for car insurance), but with life insurance to make sure you’re getting the most out of life, more bang for your buck, and maximum coverage (and potential returns) for your premiums paid and contributions made.

Suddenly craving chicken? Meaning you don’t have life insurance, but know you need it and want it, too? I can run quotes for you across hundreds of A-rated life insurance providers. Nationwide is on your side… And so are Prudential, Transamerica, AXA, VOYA, AIG, North American, Lincoln, and many more. I know, I know… My free quotes are as exciting as free samples at Costco.

Last but not least, my vegetarian and vegan friends… Don’t worry. I got your back for life (insurance). So chicken is not part of your diet plan after Netflix binging on horror films of food? That’s perfect! Let’s throw out the bad chicken. It’s a no brainer… (Get it?)  All jokes aside, you now know, it’s no joke that when more money is saved, more money can be made. Just let me know if you’re hungry for more. It’s a win-win. (Drumstick drops… In slow motion.)

Call or text Uyen Nguyen at 408-515-0099 to save your life (insurance)! Or simply fill out the form below.

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Uyen Nguyen’s Vision of WFG

WFG = Winning For Good

2019 marks the year that I unite an exclusive tribe of attractive allies and magnetic life leaders whose energies radiate positivity and bright smiles light up any room–creating a captivating culture that everyone’s excited to be a part of.

Each and every life leader is equally inspirational in his/her personal stories, various strengths, servant leadership, and burning desire to grow and help others. We are mindset mentors who lead by example and genuinely love to help build each other up to bring out the winners we are destined to be collaboratively. We are an honest army of abundant-minded leaders who fearlessly fight the injustice and always rise above, leaving no family behind. Collectively, we lead wholeheartedly and constantly conquer with a real love of significantly helping families rise, to positively impact the world for the greater good of all, for generations to come.

We are grateful, positively passionate long-term visionaries who understand and exemplify hard work, sacrifice, integrity, dedication, perseverance, and living an invested lifestyle. We are invested in our friendships, relationships, personal development, health and wealth. We are creators of Win-Wins for all. We empower others by fearlessly fighting together for the right reasons in the right ways, “Winning For Good” for generations. We only win when we are all “Winning For Good.”

© 2019-2020 by Uyen Nguyen

Rich in Love

My parents, Quyen and Lan Nguyen, escaped Vietnam during the war in 1979 on boat with their baby boy Quy. Many boats didn’t make it–let alone the many who didn’t make it aboard, slayed and stripped from their next breath. But they were faced with two choices: stay and die or escape and maybe survive.

My one and only brother’s 1st birthday was indeed a happy one on May 11th when they safely arrived at a refugee camp in Indonesia. That day was a happy birthday to our entire family as a whole–like a rebirth. They were “so fresh and [perhaps not] so clean clean.” Fresh off the boat.

Months later, my parents immigrated to San Jose, California. Some of their siblings made it there successfully before them so it only made sense to follow them straight to East Side San Jo–the ghettos of San Jose and what’s now considered the Silicon Valley.

On the morning of February 14, 1983, my dad was in class at Evergreen Valley College, sweatin’ and stressing his final exam while my mom’s pain tolerance was being tested, as she was sweatin’ and stressin’ her labor pains for my big ass arrival. At 8:30AM she gave natural birth to organic me: Uyen Kim Nguyen. As you can see, both my name and my brother’s name are part of my dad’s name so there was a cool meaning there-everything else about it was totally uncool though, as I was known as Ooooyen Nagooyen from that day forth.

We were showered with heart balloons, stuffed bears, and gifts in heart-shaped boxes. My mom seriously thought in her sweet, Vietnamese mind, “Wow, this really is America. Do they do this for every baby every day all day?” No, silly mama, it’s Valentine’s Day (Ngày lễ Tình yêu).

My dad came rushing to the hospital to hold me as he honestly thought to himself – which he openly shared with me repeatedly – that I was the ugliest baby he’d ever seen with my au naturel mohawk. And he said that with love, a choice he didn’t have.

And there you have it, in just one day, I was blessed with not just one, but two awesome names: Ooooyen Nagooyen and Punky (thanks to my rockstar hair don’t). Why not love and embrace every part of you?

And there you have it. Though we were poor, I was rich, and being rich in love made all the difference.

That hair though…
Valentine’s Day baby now 36… Nothing’s a coincidence. 😉 Every day is Valentine’s Day with this one. =D Grateful for every breath and all the big hearts out there… I’m lucky to be here with you.

All the love,
Uyen Nguyen

Giving Up and Giving All

In February 2012, I gave up a career that I loved as a New Home Consultant. At this point, I was blessed with four awesome (and crazy-making) children, with the youngest being 6 months old. And as much as I was passionate about helping families make their new home dreams come true, I made a tough decision. I could either continue making a six-figure income, doing what I loved (and hated too–every weekend and holiday) or be a full-time stay-at-home mom. No one better than their mama, right? (I hope?)

One thing’s for sure: I had faith that one day I’d find a job in the same industry or a new career that I will hopefully love as much as I did the one I was saying good-bye to. I gave up a career making up to $200,000 a year so trust me when I say that money is not everything to me but doing the right thing is.

As new homes were being built, I had the privilege of building strong relationships and friendships with my clients. It was a 6 to 9 month process from the time we moved dirt to the time I delivered their keys. It truly was an emotionally fulfilling career, and I was honored to be a part of this special time in their lives, living out the American Dream: owning land and a brand new home. Even then, as special as this high-paying career was, I had to give it up to give my all to my kids.

“In it to win it” together as one.