I lost my dad 6 years ago and that moment revealed financial secrets that I now empower so many families with. Something I thought was scary to talk about and seemed scammy even, ended up being the most strong and sexy financial solution that my family and I own and of all things: it’s life insurance. Not the unsexy, boring kind where you have to die on time. We’re talking BYOB: BUILD YOUR OWN BANK™. 

My name is Uyen Nguyen and I’m all about creating financial Win-Wins for families. 

In 1996, my dad protected our family with a life insurance policy which saved my mom in more ways than one, leaving us with $100,000 tax-free cash money. Not a lot to most, but for my refugee parents who escaped from Vietnam on a boat it was everything. 

Know what’s even sexier than a tax-free death benefit? Living benefits. [Life insurance is for the living, too.] Imagine accessing the death benefit while you’re alive. Imagine building wealth in a life insurance policy that’s tax-free. Pretty sexy, huh?

As a single mom, I got financial peace of mind knowing that my 4 children are protected and 

Knowing that I’m invested in a supercharged savings account on steroids, [money working really hard for me and my family].

But before involving other families, I wanted to be extra sure And what I learned was shocking. Did you know that the core measure of a bank’s strength is in how much life insurance it owns. 

So own your legacy, build your bank, and nix the middle man. Let me do for you and your family what the bank does with your money by designing a life insurance policy that builds you tax-free, risk-free wealth. So you are the founder of your own family bank. 

When families say:

“I love the way you teach.”

“I wish I met you 14 years ago.”

“I now have confidence.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without you.” 

“My whole family is taken care of because of you.”

I know this is the difference I know I was born to make. 

Here’s the Win-Win difference: 

Free REAL financial education not taught in business school–I know this first hand, and a free financial plan for all. 

No quotas and no compromise. With access to over 100 top financial companies, I strategically position families for the greatest financial success where these businesses fight for your business so that you and your family ALWAYS WIN BIG with me. I’m like the Amazon of financial services and solutions in one.

It’s a real win-win… A Financial Win-Win for all families.

Much Love & Financial Wins,

Uyen Nguyen AKA Win Win

10 Truths About Why Life Insurance is Fun & Sexy, Not Scary & Scammy by Uyen Nguyen

As a mom of 4 who knew that life insurance was a crucial need, I chose to not make the call to get my family protected because I was scared. It wasn't until losing my dad and being positively impacted by his tax-free $100,000 life insurance policy that I learned about tax-advantaged strategies with life insurance.  And even then, I was afraid to have the "scary" conversation with a "scammy" life insurance agent whose "mission" is to simply capitalize on my inevitable demise. HAHA! Boy, was I wrong and boy, was my thinking small. My biggest fear became my greatest purpose in easing the conversation to protect families (particularly children) and build  wealth through real financial education and powerful tax-efficient strategies. Uncover the truth about life insurance with me now as I expose 10 reasons why life insurance is fun and sexy, not scary and scammy.  
  1. The Death Benefit is 100% Tax-Free – Yes, like tax-free cash money. I used to think that nothing was tax free. Let’s look around and examine. Everything you own is taxed, from that pen on your desk to the property you own–even the work you put into owning everything that you do is taxed. It’s what we call income tax, and the more you make of it, the more you’re taxed. Doesn’t this fact just kill your ambitious spirit and make you want to just die? Please don’t! Because that’s taxed, too. It is what’s called estate taxes. But what do you know… The one thing that’s not taxed is life insurance.  Yup, the death benefit from life insurance is 100% tax-free.  Yes, it’s like buying cash money at a deep discount — Black Friday even!  Where else can you buy cash for a fraction of the price?  Only life insurance. You have to admit that anything tax-free is pretty darn sexy–life insurance specifically.
  2. Life Insurance is Safer Than Banks – Did you know that banks own life insurance by the billions?  Did you know that life insurance is considered a bank’s tier one capital?  It’s true: life insurance is the core measure of a bank’s strength. What kind of fact is this?  A real, fun, and sexy one that we should all be in the know about to take advantage of sooner as a powerful investment solution. Think about this: While banks are giving us .01% back, they’re reinvesting our money in assets like life insurance. So why not invest directly into life insurance for higher, tax-advantaged returns and tax-free benefits to ourselves and our family?  Cutting out the middleman and ditching Uncle Sam is one super sexy money move. 
  3. It’s not just about the Death Benefit, it’s about the Living Benefits – The industry term is “acceleration” of the death benefit, which simply means access to the death benefit while the insured is alive to cover expenses for a terminal, critical, or chronic illness. Some living benefits can be added to the policy for an additional cost, but there are proprietary term life insurance solutions that offer a built-in living benefit at no additional cost, providing access to 90% of the death benefit as a living benefit. Here’s a real client example: a 30-year term policy of $500,000 for a 35-year-old female in good health is only $41 per month.  AND~ the Insured can access up to 90% of the death benefit, totaling  $450,000 for a terminal, chronic, critical illness. Like OMG how sexy is this really?  Honestly, it’s so much sexier than health insurance–a sexy approach to supplementing health insurance all in itself. Tax-free death benefits are sexy but living benefits make life insurance extra sexy.
  4. Tax-advantaged cash value (long-term savings) – Cash value is long-term savings that’s built inside of certain types of permanent life insurance solutions that’s tax sheltered. Like cash, a portion of your cash value is tax-free. Withdrawals are tax-free up to the total premiums paid into policy (the cost basis). The cash value growth that’s over and above the cost basis are tax-deferred and taxed as income if withdrawn. However, the loophole is the ability to borrow against your money. I know, borrowing your own money seems so unsexy but what if you can borrow your money at low interest rates such as 2-3.5%, versus upwards of 20% in state and federal income taxes. Like wow, so much sexier than your taxable or tax deferred accounts with little to zero returns and/or no guarantees, capital gains taxes and unknown future income tax rates at retirement. Cash value is a definite perk to sexy life insurance. 
  5. Cash value with guarantees  – Yes, there’s principal protection in an Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL). What if the market crashes again like it did in 2008?  If you had one of these accounts with downside protection, while everyone lost about 40% in their retirement accounts, you would have lost $0 and kept 100% of your money (account value). Not to mention the absolute freedom in what you wish to spend your cash value on–unlike retirement accounts that can’t be touch till 59.5 to avoid a 10% penalty and 529 accounts that are restricted to education only. It’s like creating your own super-charged bank. How fun and sexy is the freedom you’d get out of this life insurance strategy?
  6. Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Insurance offers higher rates of return than savings accounts and CDs at banks and whole life policies. I have access to rates of return up to 21%  with no loss. Imagine how sexy that would be in your portfolio? Furthermore, some accounts offer higher and even uncapped return strategies with no loss–but be aware of the fees (spreads) tied to such accounts. (Hey, sometimes we really do get what we pay for and protection can go a long way. Be in the know of what’s best for your needs.) How’s your whole life performing? And let’s be real, what’s your bank doing for you?  Why not have sexy accounts like these to work harder for you? 
  7. Life Insurance is Best with an A-rated Company – Not all companies are created equal and each company has it’s own credit rating. An insurance company’s credit rating indicates an insurance company’s solvency, financial strength, and ability to pay policyholder claims. Here’s what it means to you and your family in simple terms: You want to work with an A-rated insurance company that has a healthy and strong balance sheet with more than enough in assets to pay out on its promises. Owning a policy with an A-rated company is truly the sexiest bet. 
  8. Term Life Insurance is inexpensive – Here’s a real client example: $250,000 of life insurance coverage with living benefits (access to death benefit) for a 35-year old female in good health for a 30-year term is $19 per month.  What other accounts do you have that could mean hundreds of thousands of tax-free cash money to your family at a nominal fee of under $20 a month? Seriously though, how much fun could you possibly have and how much sexier could your (family’s) financial strategy be for $19 a month? I bet nothing quite this fun and this sexy. Oh, and we have yet to touch on the living benefits that are built into this term policy, giving the insured up to 90% access to the death benefit while alive. Sexy life insurance is a thing and it doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg. Better yet, it can help you pay for medical costs to cover both in a critical or chronic condition. 
  9. Personal Life Insurance vs. Life Insurance from Work- So you already have life insurance with your employer–that’s a great start! But the truth is, it’s also the most basic type of life insurance under the category called group term. Did you know that you’re only covered while you’re employed by your company. Yes, you’re only covered while you’re part of that group of employees. What would happen to your family if/when you got laid off, quit your job, or retired? How much older will you be when that time comes?  Important note: the older you are, the more expensive life insurance becomes–yes, including the sexy ones with living benefits that offer tax-advantaged cash value and access to your death benefit.  Your own personal life insurance policy is always a good strategy as it will fill any gaps in employment and you can lock in lower rates/premiums.  The sooner you get it, the better and sexier the deal.  It is always more fun and sexy with more options, wouldn’t you agree?
  10. Life Insurance can Save a Business – Key man life insurance for invaluable key employees & buy/sell agreements are a fairly common arrangement for small business partners where the death benefit would be pumped back into the business to protect it from losses. Wow, now this is what I call a smart and sexy business strategy for a fun and sexy team that’s truly invested in each other as a real team for business success. 

And who knew that life insurance was so fun and sexy? I did and now you do, too.

Now is ALWAYS better than later when it comes to getting life insurance working for you.  But as you can see, there’s a lot to it and it takes time to determine the best solution for you. This is why working with me would save you time and make you money. With access to over 100 A-rated insurance companies and a case design team, I can help you find and design a policy that works with you and hardest for you. Click here to schedule a time to learn more about about how various life insurance solutions can make your financial lifestyle strategy that much more fun and sexy.

With a Fun Kind of Real Love,

Uyen Nguyen AKA Win Win

Life of an Aspiring Philanthropist

Every year, our company puts on an annual conference in Palm Springs called Wealth Bowl: the Super Bowl event of the year. It is honestly the best weekend of learning and growing both professionally and personally; I always walk out of the event a better version of myself—thanks to tangibles from our top executives and mentors on how to become better to make a better impact.

We gather together like one big family, celebrating all of our wins, and best of all, we come together to give back. Every year we give back to a different cause that changes the world in its own meaningful way. Last year’s Wealth Bowl event raised awareness about cystic fibrosis as we came together as an Ohana to raise money for The Mauli Ola Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic diseases.

I learned that these poor kids with cystic fibrosis are on so much medication and breathing treatments and don’t have a real chance at living a normal and full life. What shook me most was learning that the average age expectancy of those with cystic fibrosis is 19. This literally broke my heart and I was compelled to do something. Anything that affects innocent children wrecks me and drives my soul to do something bigger than me.

So here’s what the Mauli Ola Foundation does that warmed me back to life: This foundation teaches kids with cystic fibrosis how to surf. The vibration of the surfing and the salt water is a natural therapy for these kids to clear their lungs while enjoying the fun experience of surfing. “May the wave heal us all.”

So there I was, in a big ballroom, and the live auction was to begin. I sat there nervously wanting to help as much as I could… Knowing clearly that my financial state as a single mom with 4 kids to send to college–let alone feed and keep healthy and happy–is a serious responsibility that many would never understand. However, that was not the point. The point was to help these poor kids with cystic fibrosis gain more days of life through natural healing and to create more happiness for them through surf.

Ok, so back to the ballroom and out of my mind. I knew exactly what I wanted to bid on. It was a day of surfing with our founder Shawn Villalovos and he and his amazing wife Jaime Villalovos would open their beautiful home to us for a team dinner and private mentorship. I know exactly what I wanted to do: I wanted to invest in the foundation. I wanted to invest in helping these children. I wanted to invest in my kids. I wanted to invest in my team. To me, it was a win-win-win-win-win.

So there we have it… The bidding began, which started at $500. My hand went up as my heart started to speed up a notch faster, too… We’re now up to $1,000 and my heart started its sprint… My shaky hand raised, as did my bid of $2,500. My friends then started telling me to “Stand up, Win Win!” My face was hot and sweaty, my body was trembling, and I basically told everyone to shut up because “Just look at me. I’m shaking. I can barely stay seated.” So there I sat “knees weak, palms are sweaty” (like Eminem the rapper in the movie 8 Mile), trembling in apprehension, thinking to myself, “WTF now?” At this point, the bidding has reached $3,500 and I was reasoning with myself, doing mental math about what my maximum bid should be. I’m thinking that $1,000 per kid to learn how to surf while we help more kids get a chance to surf and heal made enough sense. This would be my FINAL ANSWER. “I will figure it out,” I thought to myself. So that was that… As I took my final, shaky stand, I made a stand and stood up to donating $4,000 towards the Mauli Ola Foundation so that more kids could have more days of happiness and natural healing in the ocean. (I will figure it out.)

Best of all, I co-created a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win thanks to my amazing company WFG. Every year, we associates come together to personally contribute to a meaningful nonprofit, charitable foundation, while WFG matches our contribution to double our positive community impact. In my particular case, WFG matched my $4,000 contribution and we together donated $8,000 to help more children heal more naturally and happily.

I’ve come to realize that the union of collaboration and contribution cultivates a greater impact. When I looked around the ballroom as I raised my shaky hands in the bid war, I noticed that I was in a far less financially comfortable state than most in the room, but my desire to do something, to help was far greater than those surrounding me as well. It was clear that some of us have a deeper desire to contribute and that’s my tribe. So many people are in a less fortune situation and I just figured that my situation is much more “figureoutable,” as Marie Forleo would put it. I’ve always believed in giving back, and I’ve always had faith that selfless acts of giving will always come full circle.

Here are the realities of contribution though: I want to contribute more which means I need to make more. I know that having more will allow me to give more. I want to make more to give more back. I want to make income with an impact so I can make a greater impact with my greater income. Are you following me? And following my journey? Is this your life journey, too?

Truth is, good causes need money so guess what my goal is? To make more money doing more good to help more good causes. My goal is to donate 20% of my income this year towards causes that fuel my soul and help more kids. It’s all a win and this is my journey to becoming a full on philanthropist. Till then, to all my aspiring philanthropists who do their part in contributing at any and every level… Cheers to you, world changer! I’m with you in spirit and soul and on this joint venture.

I suppose I could have cropped this, but meh… The proof is in the pudding, not in the packaging. lol Does that even make sense to those it does? Yes! lol Sometimes things don’t have to make sense (and cents), you just have to follow your heart and trust that it will lead you in all the Winning For Good ways.

A Solution to Many Problems

Dear family and friends,

I hope this email finds you and yours happy and well, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Just a little update about me: I’m more fired up and confident than I was at the time of my first letter to you regarding my career change. I’m happy to share that I’m officially a Registered Representative with Transamerica Financial Advisors (TFA) and World Financial Group (WFG) and can now offer a wider range of products and services, one of which has been the best selling product, industry-wide for 3 years and counting!  And we don’t even advertise–as our business is built 100% on referrals and word of mouth!

And that’s where I come in, to bridge the gap and get you in the know.  =) Know what else?  Aegon, our parent company, was added to the “Too Big To Fail” list last year, as one of the 9 largest insurance companies in the world!  It’s an exciting time for us, and numbers don’t lie.  Last year, our company grew by 50% (whereas the industry was down 5%) and over $750,000,000 was generously paid out in associate compensation. Know that the abundance is real.  The truth is that 10,900 people are retiring daily with over $1Billion needing to be rolled over daily and yet 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  There simply aren’t enough licensed and trained agents to service the needs of our clients, and this is the crisis that our company is on a mission to solve so that no family is left behind.

WFG has done a number on me.  I love making a generational difference in an underserved market by helping people get more of what we all want in life: more money, more time, more security, and more freedom. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision with WFG, a company that’s truly evolved to be the greatness it is today, and we are only getting better. I love what I do and that what we do matters!  I only wish I got involved with this opportunity sooner to impact even more people sooner.

It excites me to help people feel more safe, confident and happy by teaching them how to take more control of their time and money. I live by the Golden Rule and integrity is everything to me, and I’m grateful to have found a company with core values that are in alignment with that of my own. It’s obvious in the fact that we have no quotas and have partnerships with the best industry-rated financial companies to provide a broad range of outstanding solutions that are tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

It’s been rewarding to add direct value to the lives of my clients (friends and family) by taking a low key, no pressure, educational approach to finances. My goal is to make our time together fun and positively impactful by bringing light to concepts I wish I could have personally taken advantage of earlier in my life to truly maximize the power of time and applied knowledge.  I love producing meaningful results!

It genuinely fuels my soul to witness and partake in my clients’ transformations from feeling lost and unsure to feeling more secure and more excited about their financial future. It’s important to work with who you trust and feel most comfortable with to honestly, wholeheartedly, and mindfully work toward your goals together.  I’m passionate about helping others and take it personally.

My help is available to you for free. I can review your current financial strategies, i.e., life insurance policies, retirement/savings plans, to explore and share better options that are available to you and your family.  I also offer free, complimentary (no obligation) workshops, consultations, and financial planning.  But as with all my clients, you’re free to choose what you want and who you wish to work with.  Just get in the know for more financial peace of mind by learning how to make your money work harder for you with resources available to you, especially the free ones like me!  Doing so will set you free so don’t hesitate to contact me.  As a client of my company’s services, I know that we have the solution that solves most people’s problems, and I’m happy to help!  Simply reply back with best times for us to chat, and I’d love to address any of your questions and/or concerns.

So if you don’t know, now you know…. Thank you for being a big part of my life and for all your support over the years.  You’re welcome in advance for changing your life for the better. (No joke. ;)) Now you can “come out to the in now.” 😀  I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!  May you have a lifetime of good health, wealth, and happiness.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” ~BB King


Uyen Nguyen AKA Win Win

© 2019-2020 by Uyen Nguyen

WFG is IT for Me

Hello to my world!

Sorry I’ve been missing…  I would say ‘in action,’ but that’s not quite true.  =D Besides being a mama monkey, here’s why:

I have exciting news that I’ve been dying to share with you!  I seriously found my dream career and business opportunity, and I know that this is my absolute calling: financial services with World Financial Group (WFG).  Yes, this is it for me.  🙂

After having cycled out of several advisors due to dissatisfied experiences, my aunt discovered her WFG/Transamerica financial advisor over 3 years ago (as a referral) and referred my mom to the same advisor with whom she too shared the same happy experience with.

After losing my dad, Steve and I reached out to my mom and aunt’s advisor to establish protection for our family and to seek financial advice (for a second opinion).  Our first appointment was the most educational 30-40 minute lesson about how money works: ways in which to make our money work harder for us, reduce our taxes, and not lose money.  (Wouldn’t you want to learn this kind of information?)  

Upon becoming happy clients, I called our WFG agent and literally begged to get on board because I saw the value in the information gained and financial solutions provided.  So as of last June, I’ve been a licensed life, health and accident insurance agent and was recently sponsored for my securities licenses.  (Yay!! Eeecks!!)  And as the ‘research Nazi’ I am, I’ve spent countless sleepless nights and months doing my due diligence in extensively researching the company, business and product offerings.  I am officially a living and breathing, passionate WFG client and agent (independent business owner), and I couldn’t be any happier.  =)

I love that World Financial Group is a 100% referral based broker/dealer (not captive) and partnered with only the best, A-rated financial providers offering a full range of financial services–including but not limited to–debt management, mutual funds, college savings, retirement plans, life insurance, annuities and estate planning.  I have honestly gained so many eye-opening and life changing financial concepts and self-development growth thanks to WFG.  Important concepts that I have never learned from business college, our financial advisor, and not even our CPA. I love learning and sharing, and knowledge is power, right?  

As cliché as it may sound, I genuinely feel as though I’m the chosen one to help my world–you included of course!  I’m emailing to offer my services and to share my passion with you.  I’m working with an amazing team of good-hearted people and a fully licensed mentor who I trust and has a heart of gold, has been in the business for over 15 years, and helped thousands of families. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do the same for my friends and family!

PLEASE do think of me and reach out to me for free financial advice for you (and your friends and family).  I would love to help you arrange protection and establish savings plans.  Already have an advisor?  GREAT!  Wouldn’t you agree that we all owe it to ourselves to get at least a second opinion (as with our health), especially when it’s free and for the best of your future?  So far, I’ve helped over 10 families, and 2 of which I’ve helped get into superior products than that of their existing plans with subpar companies.  (Please choose your provider(s) wisely, guys!)  It feels rewarding on so many levels to help and make a significant difference in people’s lives and their family’s future.

Thank you for being a part of my world, for your continued support and encouragement over the years, especially the last few of my toughest.  Remember that when times get tough, things could always be worse. But with patience, doing the right thing, and the power of a smile, time will explain that every single thing that happened was simply a part of the process.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy yet passionate message about my life and open offer to help.  Time is our biggest asset, so let’s chat soon! Please feel free to contact me any time.  I’ve been crazy busy, but never too busy to help so please don’t hesitate!

All the best to you and yours today and always. Please take care!

“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.” ~Rabbi Harold Kushner


Uyen Nguyen (aka ‘Win Win’)

Please call me at (408)515-0099, or text for a faster response.

© 2019-2020 by Uyen Nguyen

I Hate Insurance

I hate insurance. I hated every type of insurance that exists: car insurance, health insurance, cell phone insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance. And don’t you dare try talking to me about life insurance…  You name it. I hated it. 

First of all, insurance is just another expense JUST IN CASE something happens. I don’t for sure NEED it, right? It’s just there in case something goes wrong and premiums are paid no matter what. I truly hated the concept of paying for insurance. It felt scammy. It felt wrong to have to pay for something that I may not ever use–especially if it’s expensive!  For example, my out-of-pocket health insurance premium is about $350 per month. And~ the co-pay is about $80 per visit–this is how much I have to fork over BEFORE I am even seen by a medical professional. It’s straight robbery!

I’m telling you, I hated them all. Want to talk about insurance? Just don’t do it.. I’d either shut down or have my dukes up ready to fight. Not kidding. The subject matter boiled me up and pissed me off. 

Until one day… When I got a call from my mom.  I answered her call, and she was in tears… Her exact words were, “I got the check.”  I was so confused and asked, “What check, mom?” Her reply was “The life insurance check for dad. They said I can do whatever I want and need to with it, and that it’s 100% TAX-FREE.” “What??! Are you serious, mom?” yelled Uyen Nguyen.  “Yes, $100,000 is completely tax-free like cash, con gai (‘daughter’ in Vietnamese),” replied my mom in utter relief. 

I don’t think you understand what this meant for my mom. Let me take a stab at painting the fucked up picture my mom had to deal with. So bare with me here as I brush on the honest bull.

My parents escaped Vietnam with nothing in 1979 by boat. My mom worked her butt off and on her feet all day as a cosmetologist and my dad was a technician. They didn’t make a lot of money but their mental strength and discipline to save for their American dream of owning a home was unbreakable. 

In 1996, they decided to buy a life insurance policy from Transamerica. They wanted to make sure that most of the mortgage would be covered if something happened to one of them and that the entire mortgage would be covered if something happened to them both. They each got a $100,000 whole life policy. My parents wanted to make sure that my brother and I didn’t ever have to worry about having a place to call home. They took the time to think about us to insure our security. My parents are so rad and I’m so grateful. Sadly, most people and parents even don’t (want) to think about this. (Trust me, I get it. I was once guilty of the same oversight before I was personally hit with this exact experience.)

Fast forward to 2013, my mom received an envelope marked “URGENT” from Transamerica. She opened it to the words of my dad’s policy lapsing due to nonpayment.  My mom freaked out and couldn’t do anything about it–because it was after business hours! Just imagine… She had been paying for this policy, month after month since 1996 and my dad had checked into the emergency room 23 times in the last 3 years of his life and was in no condition for insurability for a new policy. My dad at this point had been unemployed for 6 years, and EVERYTHING was on my mom.  We had no employee benefits so my mom was paying all medical bills completely out of pocket on her income as a hairdresser. Imagine that. 

But there’s more…  After a sleepless night, my mom called Transamerica first thing in the morning, all to find out that my dad had mailed a letter instructing Transamerica to cancel the policy.  Sadly, my dad was chronically ill and depressed. He was no longer himself in the last year of his life and it was hard to witness. I can’t explain why he did what he did, but the fact that he did it was all we needed to know to initiate corrective measures–or at least try to.  My mom was in total panic. There were 6 months of nonpayment and she begged the customer service agent to please help her. My mom was put on hold for what felt like forever. The agent got back on the line and gave my mom an out. She was given the opportunity to pay the policy up for the total premiums due to reinstate the policy.  Thank you, Transamerica! (See why I’m forever grateful?)

About six months later, on July 29, 2014, my dad passed away. And the phone call that my mom made to me was the turning point of my entire life. THIS was the very moment my hate for insurance took a complete one-eighty. First of all, I couldn’t believe that the death benefit was for real. Secondly, the fact that death benefits are tax-free was an eye-opening life changer!  What in this world is tax-free? Nothing! So I thought. We are taxed every time we buy something — and even when we die! This whole experience opened up my eyes to the world of tax-sheltered savings and ways in which one can outsmart taxes. It was like my gateway drug to an illegal outlet, except better: it was a gateway organic superfood to tax-free savings strategies that are legal.

I went from hating life insurance to absolutely loving it, from never wanting to ever talk about it to not being able to stop talking about it. And to think that I haven’t even unveiled the juicy 7702 tax code and how dope that is and how it could work for you (and your family).  The reality is: no one likes to pay for insurance but when something goes wrong, we’re relieved when we have insurance and it’s covered, right?

But you don’t even know or understand… Until you’ve been personally affected.  I know my parents’ story and dad’s passing were meant to be learned from. Although my dad wasn’t the same in his last years and as much as he changed, he was a total gift and so is the importance of his story. May this story be the gift that keeps giving to everyone who reads this and shares this story onwards. May it give you the courage to learn more about how to protect your loved ones (and your money from Uncle Sam) while time is in your hands and the opportunity to (wo)man up is right now.

© 2019-2020 by Uyen Nguyen

My Rebirth is Killer

Ok, so Amy died. I killed her myself. I know… This was sad news to many. (PLEASE get over it.)

Starting the 7th grade, she went by “Amy” because she was sick of being called “Oooyen Nagooyen.” Amy was a butcher-proof name, and people loved her. She was nice, funny, sweet, innocent–dumb really. She actually believed in love… The everlasting ones. She wanted a forever kind of love. Poor girl was born on Valentine’s day. It was a curse so I took her out of her misery at age 32.

But before I did, Amy met her “best friend” (who became her husband) at the sweet, young age of 19. She instantly became a step-mom to her sweet spiritual baby Kiana at the age of 3. (Kiana was and still is, the best gift of all.)

At 21, Amy was killin’ it in her career, and “decided” to have a baby at 23. At 25, she had her 2nd baby, and by 28, she was a mommy of 4.

She was always on the fast track and wanted to have it all. Until one day, her dad passed away at 63. It killed her. He was her real best friend and she hasn’t laughed the same since the day he let go.

Weeks later, Amy was crushed with more bullshit. Her husband had someone else. “Was she prettier than me? More fun than me? Smarter than me?” were all the thoughts that haunted her mind, as they each broke her spirit one by one.

Amy questioned everything. Why did I sacrifice my career? Why did I trust him? Why am I not good enough? What did I do wrong?

A friend played therapist diagnosing Amy as “being too nice” so Amy was asking to be cheated on. (WTF?)

Compelled to Amazon Prime the best-selling book: Why Men Love Bitches, she decided not to given in to bitch-mode—there’s a surplus of those in this world and it’s simply not her MO.

So she decided to be herself and stay true to herself–so much so that she decided to kill Amy and revert back to her legal, birth-given name: Uyen. And since the divorce was looming and her last name would be returning for good and for life, it only made sense be the Uyen Nguyen aka Win Win she was born to be.

So that’s how it all began… At 32, I killed Amy and brought Uyen Nguyen back to live. It’s been a killer rebirth–painful at times, but overall, my rebirth has been killer. TYSM for being a part of it.

©2019 Winning For Good

Outsmarting Taxes like a Real G

Having grown up in the hood of East Side San Jo, I must say, there was always a part of me that craved the idea of being cool like a gangster–a real G.

Who knew that overfunding a life insurance policy to build tax-sheltered wealth was as G as one can be about outsmarting (the implications of) taxes?

Who knew that the younger you start, the more G you could be? As in locking in a life insurance policy as young possible — and even before you have kids of your own — could very well be a great way to create more wealth by outsmarting costs and taxes fo’ life. From a young G to an OG. Now that’s real gangster. Just own it.

Here are 8 simple steps to keepin’ it legally gangster about outsmarting taxes:

  1. Hit me up. (Call me.)
  2. Talk to me.
  3. Share your money goals with me.
  4. Provide me with your date of birth.
  5. I’ll run illustrations (quotes) for life insurance policies that have cash value (savings).
  6. Should you decide to be a real G about outsmarting taxes and taking full advantage of life (insurance), we’ll complete an electronic application.
  7. A mobile nurse will come to you (because you’re gangster like that) for your blood and urine sample.
  8. We hold a gangster pose while awaiting the approval.

If all is g (as in good) with your driving and medical records, about 4-8 weeks later… Ping! You’ll get a real-time notification that you’re officially approved as a certified G to build up true street creds by maxing out on your life and building tax-sheltered wealth–outsmarting taxes as if it’s an illegal activity, when in fact it’s legal and legit AF. Not everyone gets it done, but you do because you’re qualified to do so and you already know it’s what the rich do to get richer, and you are all about that life.

So from one G to another, let’s keep it real gangster and “make money moves” by bringing down taxes and investing in tax-free cash money. I mean, who wants one chain when you can have two?

© 2019-2020 by Uyen Nguyen

“My smartphone is worth more than my family.”

Who would say that? No one. But who’s about that life? Most Americans. Let’s examine, shall we?

I get it. Who loves to pay for insurance? Absolutely no one–except for me (and my clients) who has tax-sheltered cash value growing inside of my life insurance policy, maxing out on my “Preferred Elite” health and never-this-young-again age, all while outsmarting taxes like a G, as if it’s illegal activity but isn’t. (More exciting 411 on this sexy subject here.)

Back to my original point, the fact of the matter is, we buy insurance to protect the things we care about and value because we never know what could happen to our smartphone, car, health, and home. Moreover, we buy insurance to cover our butts and other butts in case of accidents, which can happen anytime.

Do you have car insurance? Of course you do. We can’t really drive without it. How about insurance for your smartphone? How much does your smartphone insurance cost? According to my research, smartphone insurance is anywhere between $9 and $17 per month and smartphones typically cost up to $1,000. That’s a lot of money! (Double the amount most Americans don’t have saved up as an emergency fund.) Most of us, if not all of us, can’t function without our smartphone so it only makes sense to protect it–just in case something goes wrong.

But how about your life? How much is your life worth? How about your family? Your mom? Your dad? Your siblings? Your (future) spouse? Your (future) kids? How much are they worth? They’re priceless, aren’t they? According to my research and database, for $100,000 of tax-free life insurance with preferred health, it can be as low as $24 per month… As a 55-year old male! The younger and healthier you are, the lower the premiums. We’re talking as low as $11 per month for a 35-year-old! So let me ask you: Your smartphone is worth $9-17 per month, but is your family worth $11-24 per month?

As you can see, smartphone insurance and life insurance are very comparable in premiums… The value of each is incomparable though. As much as we can’t function without our smartphones, our lives and families are invaluable by comparison.

The difference is that smartphone insurance is needed just in case something goes wrong, whereas life is full of changes and as much as we hate to think of our eventuality, no one gets out of here alive so protecting yourself and your loved ones isn’t a just in case basis, it’s necessary. (But that’s only if you give a shit. I can’t give a shit for you.)

We can’t drive without car insurance just in case, but we can live our lives without life insurance knowing that our lives will one day come to an end. Crazy, isn’t it? Or are we crazy to not see anything wrong with this?

According to Colton Ciolfitto’s article “5 Shocking Mobile Phone Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind,” chances are 1.45% of mobile phone owners will accidentally damage their phones, and we have smartphone insurance just in case. However, the truth is 100% of us will die, but most of us do not have life insurance. What the smartphone is up with our lives?

So what life are you about? “My smartphone is worth more than my family” or “My family is worth more than my smartphone.”

Ready to learn more about how cheap life insurance can be? Make the most of your smartphone and life and simply fill out this form below.

© 2019-2020 by Uyen Nguyen

I’m Banking on Life Insurance. Google it.

So would you rather put your money in the bank or put your money where the bank does?

So where does the bank reinvest its assets? It’s simple. Google it: Bank-owned life insurance. What is a bank’s Tier 1 Capital? What’s the core measure of a bank’s strength? Major banks’ balance sheets are all public information. Google to your researching heart’s content. Go ahead, read it for yourself.

Banks own life insurance by the billions. How does that work? Go ahead… Google away. I’ll give you 5 minutes… And another 5 minutes to come to. Don’t worry. Mama will be right here to catch you.

WTF? I know, I know. That was my honest reaction to the truth, too! And honestly, that shocker couldn’t be any more fitting for this sudden celebration of life (insurance).

So why was the FDIC created? Oh, because thousands of banks have failed in the past. What’s the history of the FDIC? Go on… Google it.

What sector in the economy stayed strong and continued to pay profits to policy holders during the Great Depression? Go for it… Google away. Yes, life insurance. Ain’t that some… thing else.

Now you know why I’m so excited about life (insurance)! We’ve had it all twisted with the banks and life insurance. Let’s continue to untwist the myths because the truth is: life insurance is very safe, so long as purchased from an insurance provider with strong financial stability and designed properly. (This is where mama comes in again to help you…)

And this is only part of the excitement as we examine the history of life insurance and some of the facts. It’s been so exciting to learn about how powerful life insurance is, how its contributed to the success of many multi-millionaires and billionaires, what its personally done for my family, and what it’s continuing to do for me with building tax-sheltered wealth.

So yes, as much as I’m banking on life insurance, I’m also banking on me. I’m capitalizing on my life, “youth” and “Preferred Elite” health.

Now you know one of the biggest and best ways the rich keep getting richer: life insurance. Do the rich necessarily need life insurance? No bro, they’re rich! But why not be richer by leaving a legacy and outsmarting taxes for yourself and your enjoyment while you’re alive?

Life insurance has given me that many more reasons to be living longer, healthier and wealthier. The healthier I am, the longer I live, the more money I can make. It’s a win-win-win, and this is why I’m banking on life insurance. Google it.

© 2019-2020 by Uyen Nguyen