About Us

Uyen Nguyen (AKA Win Win)

Uyen Nguyen is single a mom of 4 who loves to build meaningful relationships and finds fulfillment in contributing and help others. She had a successful career in new home development as a consultant for 7 years and spearheaded the Internet Sales Team in the San Francisco Bay Area for the 3rd largest national homebuilder. After having her third child, she decided to give up her 6-figure income to raise her kids full-time.  Money isn’t everything to Uyen, but family sure is. She openly shares how quitting her career was a hard decision and hard transition, but she knew it was the best decision for her family. She knew that she’d never be able to restart her children’s childhood, but she had faith that one day, she’d find a career she’d fall in love with again, and she did just that. Better yet, she’s building a meaningful and impactful business with her dearest friends and family in financial and entrepreneurial empowerment.

In 2015, she lost her dad and weeks later, dealt with betrayal. And while this was her darkest time, it also lead her to her purpose. She knows what it takes to start over with the weight of sacrifice, heartache and loss heavy on her heart. Uyen has a passion for sharing her real (WFG) story, and loves to empower and inspire others with her honest truths and her knowledge about winning financial strategies and opportunities.  

“My parents have been clients of Transamerica since 1996, and I’m so grateful that they were helped with a proper financial plan, which personally impacted me when I lost my dad.  While losing my dad was the biggest loss of my life, I gained mind-blowing financial insight and truths that I wish I had learned in school–let alone at a business university.  May my dad’s legacy live on in all I now know first-hand to protect and empower my clients. 

I realize that we all fear what we don’t understand, and I’m blessed to have a real shot at helping people conquer one of their biggest fears: money. I personally take a heart-forward and holistic approach with my clients by actively listening to and learning about their financial goals and concerns while empowering them with strong financial solutions and a strong understanding about how to be invested, how money works, and how to outsmart taxes. I love helping my clients and business partners take more control of their time and income with free financial education and access to the best solutions by the best providers, over 100 A-rated companies.

Your financial goals and dreams are my financial goals and dreams. We’re a team. We’re family. For me, it’s a real honor and privilege to help others gain financial peace of mind, the way in which I was helped and educated when I became a client.  It’s a gift that keeps giving. WFG has transformed my life and my kids’ lives for the best, including all the lives I continue to have the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with. I love that I can truly provide my clients with real hope and a real plan as well as a real opportunity to own their (financial) future. I think they love that, too. 😉

It’s a Win-Win!”

~Uyen Nguyen